Working with Student Clubs and Associations 

Working with Student Clubs and Associations 

by Essal

Essal Institute is proud to announce its sponsorship of various student clubs and associations in Oran from different public universities. Elite Club, AIESEC, World Learning Algeria, and Avicenne Club were among the clubs sponsored by Essal Institute.

The sponsored clubs hosted various events and workshops inside the institution, creating a nurturing environment for students to explore their interests and passions beyond academics. Through these events, students had the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, which are essential in the real world.

The Elite Club, for example, organized a three day personal development event where students learned various skills. AIESEC hosted a career fair that brought together students and potential employers, while World Learning conducted a series of workshops that empowered students to become socially responsible citizens.

Essal Institute recognizes the importance of supporting student clubs and associations as part of its commitment to providing a holistic education to its students. The school firmly believes that such activities contribute to the personal and professional growth of students, and ultimately, to their success in their chosen careers.

Located at 135 Coop Ibn Sina, Point du Jour, Oran, Essal Institute offers a wide range of IT courses and programs that cater to the needs of students who aspire to become leaders in the field.

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